I’m now offering ONLINE and IN-PERSON teaching!
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  • Do you need creative help to find new ways to practise jazz?
  • Are you working from home right now and have no creative outlet?
  • Have you got a piano sitting in the corner which you’ve always wanted to play?
  • Have you always wished you could accompany yourself while you sing?
  • Do you have lyrics or a melody, but don’t know how to write the rest of the song?
  • Are you already a musician, but don’t know how to start playing jazz?

Learn how to play your favourite songs on the piano
Make a simple song sound pro
Pop, Classical, Jazz  and beyond!

IMPROVISATION and JAZZ THEORY (for all instruments)
Gain the confidence to improvise
Understand the theory behind the music

SONGWRITING (for all instruments)
Song and melody structures
Help with putting music to lyrics
I can assist you with producing your demo/song!


“When I first went to Tom’s jazz class a couple of years back I was apprehensive as I thought I’d be out of my depth and I was! I’ve played guitar for many years but hardly any jazz and I don’t read music.
Tom enabled me to have space to ‘follow the charts’ with great support and within weeks I was thoroughly enjoying the process.
I believe Tom brings many qualities to his skillful teaching, one being he doesn’t take himself too seriously so we have a good laugh making learning fun and easier. Having said that he does take the music seriously which is a great combination.
I’d recommend this humble man as a brilliant musician and coach”  John, guitar

“Tom is a generous, encouraging and exciting musician who has at his heart the fun in playing around with whatever your instrument choice is. Once you’ve experienced Tom you don’t forget what you’ve learnt and your experience keeps giving” – Andrew, trumpet

“I always wanted to play piano, but put it off, because I hated the idea of doing scales every day. Tom taught me how to play blues and jazz piano in a much simpler, more relaxed way. I now support my singing and have so much confidence playing piano” – Nicky, singer/piano

“Tom’s method of teaching is always relaxed and encouraging.  His enthusiasm is infectious and more importantly, he makes the whole experience fun and enjoyable. 
He really listens to your style then points out what works and what doesn’t, giving great, constructive advice on how you can improve.  I am taken out of my comfort zone and coaxed to take risks with improvising and note choices – but in a good way!  
Endlessly patient and supportive, he always goes the extra mile and helps me explore new avenues on both instruments. Whether you’re a newbie or have been playing for years but would like to get more creative, Tom’s your man!” – Laura, flute/vocals

“As a singer used to singing jazz standards, Tom has really broadened my repertoire, offering up a range of diverse songs or instrumentals, from gorgeous ballads through to funk with many styles in between. Always interesting, exciting and great music for practising improvisation.
“Tom is a very encouraging teacher, able to highlight strengths and also to point out areas that need working on. My confidence as a singer and improviser has improved considerably since working with Tom, and to top it all, he is such a nice man!” – Tansy, singer

“Tom started teaching our 9-year-old daughter Beatrice piano after her much-loved teacher retired.  In spite of the difficulties of teaching online, Tom almost immediately developed a rapport with her.  She looks forward to the lessons every week and her playing is improving dramatically. Tom allows her to choose some of the pieces that they work on which makes her all the more excited to learn” – parent of Beatrice, 9-year-old pianist

My singer pal Mama Tokus had a piano lesson and this is what she said:

***In-person teaching is Covid-safe***

For more info, or to book a FREE consultation call to find out about whether this is right for you, email tom@tomunwin.co.uk